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Stock Building, New York, NY 93459
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We believe we are pack filled with success online to provide our clients a smooth & riskless opportunity for earning online. With more earning for spending less time.

FINANCIAL services that WORKS

We provide investment opportunities to our clients with a quality of service we believe no other firm can match. Our client relationships are built on trust and discretion.

We Save the Investors

We Save the Investors gives Investors in the BTCOwners what every Investor deserves – a healthy start, the opportunity to Invest with protection to avoid scammers.

BO helpdesk that WORKS

We provide helpdesk to clients with a quality of service we believe no other firm can match. Our client relationships are built on smooth trust and discretion.

We are covering 195 Nations

At BTCOwners we are covering 195 Nations, 2000+ Languages speekers, 34+ Races and 7.5 billion humans. We believe in long term business policies with mature planning.

Who We Are

BTCOwners (BO) Success

How We Work

Trust and discretion

What We Do

We are Stock Building

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Friendly & Loyal Team

Why Choose Us

Scam free Legal Opps

Our Projects

We are working on following type projects at a time.

Our Clients Say

What our clients says about us

Shahid HakimiOccupation @Hostler Swedish

BTCowners looks genuine their mode of investment is realistic i am happy with it.

Gocha BesarionOccupation @AutocarsGeorgia

Best ever service ihave seen before no compare with scam programs BO is best.

Stela CarmenOccupation @ModelRomania

Great experience instant payment what i wanted it is as i was looking far.

Leonti PonomarevOccupation @The Network ChefNOSTRA

BO is now in top list of my favorite sites online for investment.

Inda RofirdousOccupation @StudentJakarta

I was investing before in many programs, but btcowners is best than ever.

Fatima ul MukhtiarOccupation @StudentDhaka


Botika FurnendoOccupation @VineclubCalifornia

i needed this kind of company with pay 100% guaranteed and instant.

Alsabbir HythamOccupation @WorkerEgypt

instant payment is most effected thing that impressed me to invest much i can now i am a rich.

Jun KungOccupation @SalesmanSingapore

there was lot of sites to drove us wrong BO only staying to pay everytime.

Zahwah TotahOccupation @BloggerGHEZALA

i have never ever seen such a fast paying system great thumb up for bo.

Angela AnthonyOccupation @houseManila

i was wondering for BO from many years now i got all the i wanted online.

Wajeeh HadadOccupation @Gold JewelsMacca

I lost most of my money in scam systems BO only the company which paying a long.

Tayyib Fayyad HandalOccupation @Garden MaintenanceCape Town

I would like to say that people should leave all sites & keep investing only in BO.

Gifford FongemieOccupation @Beauty care specialistTALENCE

Its a wonderful project ever i have seen great work admin God bless you.

Kareena GrovarsOccupation @TeacherMumbai

I would like to say BTCOwners is the best website for the year 2017.

Jorja ScottOccupation @ABE teacherChandossel

i lost my all money with scam websites now i am just earning via promotion by BO its only sympathetic.

Jehwan AlmussalimOccupation @Quran teacherJapan

did you ever earned 200$ in real daily not? BO is wonderful & richest network of the year.

Koffi AndersonOccupation @Taxi DriverMaxico

Its just 3 weeks old but sooooper, I earned 4559 usd only in 3 weeks.

Sehwag KapoorOccupation @Train DriverKanpur

I am feeling my good days are started with BO i was tired of scam sites.

Sunil ShettyOccupation @ElectritionJaipur

I can say that you are great please stay always with us & pay us God bless you.

Valentin PavlovićOccupation @Child protective services social workerLoime

The Admin is very good person he is very reliable & professional honest businessman.

Paul UchawatizeOccupation @ManagerRiadh

i have never seen any politics in this system no doubt BO is best ever.

Hoyo OdoyaOccupation @SweeperKenya

Paying its my 3 rd day here but feeling i will be celebrate 3rd years soon.

George RiceOccupation @Greenhouse managerFunes

Admin you are best please open your system for south Afghanistan & iraq my friends requesting.

Roshan RashidOccupation @SupervisorDubai

no compare you are best ever LOVE U ADMIN grascias muchooooooooooooo.

Mahmadur RamzanOccupation @StitcherDubai

No agent needed to get a loan from here the loan system is very fast & secure.

Baranyay NyékOccupation @ClerkCsavargyár

I got loan today its very promising business thank you admin for brilliant work.

Fang Yin SunOccupation @Forging San Francisco

This one unit is providing lot of benefits to world i have seen they are suppper.

Kerstin OsterhagenOccupation @PatternmakerVollersode

My friend told me about BO & he was right i am getting huge draws here.

Mohamed DanielOccupation @BrokerMalacca

Its pleaure to get everytime instant payments via pm & payeer but not on btc.

Ayyaz NaikOccupation @General ManagerWashinton DC

I preffer to use pm instead of using btc bcz pm instant payments btc no ;).

Krystal J. HarrellOccupation @Truck dispatcherWooster

If i was invested 10k $ to any other site they surely scamed me but BO paid even on 10K$.

Dimah Zinah GaberOccupation @StudentChicago

The BO looks real their lot of reviews include clients pics guarantee that they are real paying.

Magnus S. ChristoffersenOccupation @Electrical power line installerTAMPERE

I need people power guaranteed not by monitors websites now i am getting all the best power.

廖姿吟Occupation @Rock splitterBeijing

BO best & bigger site ever i have seen in the world online.....

Rhonda T. BennettOccupation @En route controllerSan Francisco

What more? You are the best ever.

Julieta Sousa FernandesOccupation @Dee's Drive-InKRIEGLEDT

I have experienced loan system is best and furious delivery with in business 3days only to my bank.

Uzwumu UchezjwarOccupation @TeacherSan Francisco

banks terms are very hard for a loan but btc owners lend me without fico score.

Steve HondoOccupation @LCrKenya

i have started my own business by getting loan from BO its best ever.

OlamwzieOccupation @ptc trainerGhana

probably i have never seen such automated system online before thumb up for BTCOwners.

Archie DunnOccupation @Edition binding workerKøbenhavn

BTCOwners is real brand to pay us fast payments wow system.

Yasmin HarafatOccupation @TeacherGhana

the referring plans are suitable stable profit for upliners it is best to refer max people.

Asima WehbiOccupation @SalesladySenegal

system is best my user id card was theft but they are providing best security.

Uzwulu Henry UncheOccupation @ISP ManagerGhana

My fellows are thankful for me about BTCOwners.

清家 結菜Occupation @Embossing machine operatorVal-d'Or

I had not much money but now i have enough with BTCOwners.

Abrar KiyaniOccupation @TailorFaisalabad

I pleased to allow me loan the Occupation said to fill security deposit i did & got my loan after 50 working hours.

Syed Shahid LatifOccupation @EngeeringRawalpindi

They are best over there terms you will get wasted if you dishonor terms.

Najeeb Ur RahmanOccupation @DesignerDhaka

Fine start feeling safe with BTCOwners.

Andrija JovićOccupation @Telephone station repairerRondonópolis

Amazing system thank you BTCOwners for helping me & my family.

Nasr Jabir AwadOccupation @Power dispatcherSamart

Paid me instant always since i joined no complaints.

Saidah Khulud AttiaOccupation @Machine operatorCITE EL INTILAKA

I am feeling i am james bond now with BTCOwners.

Muhammad danishOccupation @Offset PrintersKarachi

I bought new house by taking loan from BTCOwners thank you for everything.

Susan R. PetersOccupation @Service station attendantCamden

Safe to invest with BTCOwners it is amazing service ever i seen onlien.

James P. WalshOccupation @PrestigabizOmaha

brilliant staff & service center voice support & all agents are honest working.

Anette KorhonenOccupation @Brokerage sales assistantHELSINKI

I got paid every time with in 4 to 5 hours on btc wallet.

Christopher UlyanovOccupation @Polk BrothersBelleville

they are playing a leader role in the industry & they are honest at all.

Jay SinghOccupation @Taxi DriverDubai

rapid service fast payments makes me crazy about BTCOwners.

Abbie WallisOccupation @Computer support specialisDONINGTON LE HEATH

Pro Plan is very effective the company all plans are fast & great paying but i like pro plan.

Pavel VolnýOccupation @Monetary economistMníšek pod Brdy

100% Payments instant & fast i l love this system is amazing.

Hercilia Najera ZamudioOccupation @Paratransit driverEdmonton

Brothers & sisters enjoying great profit from BTCOwners.

Saba AmbreenOccupation @StudentIslamabad

Plenty of people loosing their hard earned money with scam sites i suggest BTCOwners is our future.

Vitoria Costa AlvesOccupation @PointerLOUSÃ

I found the text are modified & translated to english spells are as well in the reviews is good thing for company.

Berilac TookOccupation @Medical secretaryWarszawa

I am new & want to take a loan for my business hope company will contact me soon as possible.

Sebastian TuckettOccupation @Food scientistTHE GROVE

Scam sites doesn't give us review section otherwise people not loose their hard money, I have only one problem company should moderate their faq section.

Xzaifa MxtfaOccupation @StudentLahore

Imagining my bright future with this betwork USA is best thanks for lauching BTCOwners

Farzana RizwanOccupation @StudentRahim Yar Khan

BTCOwners is the business which has lot of reviews it is best for us to understand their work.

Disnaike DesilvaOccupation @LeatherColombo

I am earnign more than 500 $ monthly by referring people what i need more?.

Yves LamotheOccupation @The WallNOISY-LE-SEC

Payday loan are huge fraud BTCOwners loan system is amazing & affordable than a bank.

MusaqimulislamOccupation @StaudentChittagong

My mom took loan from BTCOwners & it delivered as the promise by management of BTCOwners.

Nazia BulbulOccupation @StudentChittagong

I have no trouble with BO, but i have a suggestion please review space should be increase to 100 words alteast.

Edi PresendiOccupation @ReporterMedan

BTCOwners should make channel on youtube to get more popularity in investors.

Wen ChenOccupation @Sous chefPORI

Forex are huge scammers no earning after loosing your money & time BTCOwners is best no need to spend time its a great part time earning.

Fatema AlmobarakOccupation @FreelancerSenegal

my brother is let me know about this one but now we can't open next account from household ip i am working on my bro's acc.

Jessica AndersonOccupation @TeacherNigeria

Hope the system will remain for years & pay smoother ever.

Aran RulOccupation @Radar controllerBoksburg

I don't know who is admin of this website but i feel he must be a kind person.

Markus MahlerOccupation @Machine operatorHeckenmünster

Health & wealth are 2 blessings i had health without wealth now BTCOwners making me wealthy.

Nkemdiniruka OnodugoadiegbemmaOccupation @Research dietitianPretoria

I happy with BTCOwners ;) Thanks bros.

Asia MasihOccupation @HousholdSakkar

Support people are kind thy are helpful even they helped me to decide a plan for my investment.

DR. Esha VarmaOccupation @GyneaPatna

I had fear of scammers, since visited this URL I am dare to invest my huge savings.

Manuela BarrosOccupation @Building inspectorSão Paulo

I have not ever seen such highly promised system that pay unlimited payouts a day.

JasmeenOccupation @PoliceMaharashtra

I am a devorced ladypolice from Maharashtra, India, I have 4 kids I couldn't afford edu affairs of my kids with BO am able to afford & save for their future.

Neeti MishraOccupation @Call CenterChandi Ghar

For a female BTCOwners is best way to earn without getting out from house its secure.

Simran KumariOccupation @HouseholdMumbai

For a hindu woman it is best way to make money from home & ever best for household.

Begum AnjumanOccupation @HouseholdLahore

I am a muslim woman have 5 adult kids i am their financial planner & BTCOwners is successful to achieve my trust.

Julia Costa CastroOccupation @Circuit DesignSertãozinho

With BTCOwners I am able to afford my fashions & extra surfage of money.

Mehar Javed AmjadOccupation @RetiredGunjranwala

After retirement it is good to do something but nothing more relax & surity than BTCOwners, Fee Aman Illah.

Choudhri Ghulam RasoolOccupation @Retail ManagerLahore

Thank you for openning cermoney in pakistan & thank you giving pakistani's opportunity to earn extra money.

Famiha SheikhOccupation @HouseholdDheli

Thank you my Allah bless you all team thank you for fast work & honesty. May Allah protect you.

Pricing & Planning

You can earn weekly, daily & hourly basis as per below available plannings

  • Plan Time Period
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Number of Consultations
  • Voice Support
  • Investments Retuns


  • 15 days
  • 48hours
  • 10 monthly
  • 1 week
  • 7x15 %

plus PLAN

  • daily
  • 72hours
  • 5 monthly
  • 1 week
  • 105 %

We’re ready to work with you

No matter how much you have range to invest in your pocket we have all solutions for you to reach your goals.
BTCOwners is a brand across with all financial commercial & non-commercial investment & loans.
BTCOwners is a branded part of banking services with a team of professional bankers.

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